Manufacturer For Sale, for more info. call 07809694623
Manufacturer For Sale, for more info. call 07809694623 

4 Busy Bee is a high-end Sample Studio with a highly skilled and dedicated team with an experience since 1983, you can trust our knowledge as we are high quality garment sampling studio  also producing sampling for ready-to-wear fashion designers and boutiques.




We make all the garments at our London based studio.

First steps

You have your great ideas and prepared paper blog patterns for your designs, then we will help you to develop your first toiles.


When you are not satisfied with your patterns and need to correct them..we can advice you & work together to polish your diamonds.


When You are finally satisfied with your patterns & toiles..we will make sure all of your collection will be ready on time for the show!


After all.. we will also help you with your small production orders with full CM service. Then you dont need to worry about anything else.

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